Toronto DUG In-Person Meetup

636 King Street West, 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON M5V 1M7
April 12, 5:30PM

Join us for the long awaited in-person event at the BIMstudio downtown office space! Sign-up to meet the community, share ideas, and listen to great presentations we have prepared. Register today, as seats are limited and will sell out quickly.


We're currently currently working on it.




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Opening Remarks

Moderated by
Patryk Wozniczka
Founder - Toronto Dynamo User Group
Joris Raaijmaakers
Founder - BIMstudio

Smart BIM for Residential

Moderated by
Ali Argynbayev
BIM Development Manager - BIMstudio

At BIMstudio we have developed a unique process for Residential BIM that is heavy on smart solutions using Dynamo. Our team will present our vision and approach for this part of the construction industry. From auto coding, to drawing creation to auto-siting and creating lot specifics.


Crash Course on No-Code Automations

Moderated by
Sergey Grushko
Founder - Toronto Dynamo User Group / Airtasks

No-code is changing the way applications interact with each other and empowers people to build complicated workflows without knowing how to code. If you haven’t heard of no-code before, think of it like coding, but instead of typing words and numbers you build by dragging and dropping in a visual editor. This presentation will give you an overview of the no-code landscape.


Computational Design at Turner Fleischer

Moderated by
Alice Huang
Computational Designer - Turner Fleischer Architect

How can we leverage computational design to support early-stage design in architecture? From curtain wall modules for 3D printing to automated feasibility study, this presentation will showcase a few use cases on how Turner Fleischer prototyped tools and scripts in-house to support the daily work of architects.


Closing Remarks

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