We are a community of visual programming enthusiasts striving to stimulate the exchange of innovative workflows and promote computational design


Welcome to the Toronto Dynamo User Group. In this group, we aim to foster the progression and proliferation of procedural technologies through collaboration, education, and research efforts involving similarly intentioned members of our industry. In support of this vision, we are building a space where our community can openly exchange knowledge and experience. Where we can work to demystify traditional and visual programming and leverage their disruptive innovations such as computational design and machine learning.

By facilitating a free and open platform for community engagement and technical discussion, organizing local community events to share and explore technological trends and innovative workflows, and seeking industry research opportunities, we hope to provide our peers with a valued and engaging space for professional growth. 


We are a group of dedicated professionals working to provide the best possible community for our fellow group members: planning events, managing the group’s online media presence, supporting the Slack community and attending to community feedback.

However, we want to do more than just maintain the user group in its current state and will be actively seeking opportunities to expand what this group can provide to its members and the larger community.

Mohsen Assaqqaf
Founding Committee Member
Sherry Foster
Founding Committee Member
Sergey Grushko
Founding Committee Member
Nivin Nabeel
Founding Committee Member
Tim Ryan
Founding Committee Member
Artyom Savin
Founding Committee Member
Mike Sheinin
Founding Committee Member
Matthew Shelp
Founding Committee Member
Patryk Wozniczka
Founding Committee Member
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