Toronto DUG Kick-Off Event

661 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 1M1

Join us at the Toronto Autodesk community space in the MaRS Discovery District for an evening of presentations and networking. We are pleased to welcome three speakers covering a range of Dynamo related topics for all user skill levels.

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Bring on the Toronto DUG revolution!




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Hello from the host

Moderated by
Sol Amour
Product Manager of Dynamo - Autodesk

Toronto DUG Committee Presentation

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An introduction to the group, its goals, and information on how you can get involved.


The Dynamo Swiss Army Knife. 10 must-have scripts for improving working drawing efficiency

Moderated by
Dennis Dixon
BIM Manager - WZMH

Until 5 years ago, Computational Efficiency in Architecture was in its infancy. Even still it is only scraping the surface in our Revit workflows. This presentation will provide Revit users an easy-to-use starter pack of scripts that can assist in making the next big leap into computational assistance. We will be looking at how to leverage CAD to Revit Conversion, Text Manipulations, File Language Translation, Faster Topography Creation from Surveys, Simple Standards Insurance Scripts and a few other handy tools. A lot of the day-to-day mundane tasks have been eliminated using tools such as these. Eventually, as comfort in Dynamo is acquired, an individual will re-think all of their tedious workflows through scripting


7 Strategies For Computational Design Implementation

Moderated by
David Avella
Design Technology Specialist - HOK

Architects and designers are on the precipice of the big data era and the challenge to incorporate connectivity and performance to infill spatial design. Often, the designers rely on gut instinct rather than using readily available data to make informed decisions to improve projects. More and more across a number of aspects of architectural design, whether it be programmatic or performance data, in the world of building science, there is an interesting juncture between computing abilities and tools availability where generative design, simulations, real-time visualization options, and fragmented information, poses a new challenge of how to investigate, present, and leverage data in order to make it most useful. I would like to present an open approach to introduce those tools in real workflows without saying that I think our designs are becoming the resultant of data, but that our designs are being better informed and strengthened by this embrace of data in the industry.


Lifting up the bottom line and Reaching for the Stars

Moderated by
Sol Amour
Product Manager of Dynamo - Autodesk

Join Sol Amour, the Product Manager of Dynamo for his overview on Dynamo and Generative Design: Where the technology has been, where it is headed and some future thoughts about how it may impact and change the working environment. Sol will showcase Dynamo with you, what it means, what doors it opens and where you can apply both computational design and workflow automation. He will also demonstrate a live demo of Project Refinery - an application enabling the use of optimization and optioneering in Dynamo, Revit and beyond, that allows you to determine optimal outcomes of a multi-objective problem space with competing variables.

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